Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting, services include, tiling and plumbing

We undertake all aspects of domestic plumbing from changing a tap to fitting a new Bathroom. But plumbing is more than just changing taps for us. It’s a detail that we have spent a lot of time considering.

When fitting a new bathroom, it is a standard practice that we would remove all of the old plumbing; this is because pipes degrade over time. A lot of our customers want tiled floors this requires removing the old floor exposing pipes and is an excellent opportunity to replace them.

We make sure your new bathroom installation will stand the test of time. Waste pipe from thirty or forty years ago will now be brittle and calcified. So we cut it out and replace it with a new pipe that will last the next sixty to one hundred years.

We remove Copper pipe that was never cleaned properly after soldering and has residue around the joints. Flux residue causes that green colour you see on copper pipes at the joints. This degrades the pipe and will eventually cause leaks.

You can be sure when we install, we install to last.

With Installation Services you can have confidence in the plumbing you can’t see but what about the plumbing you can see. We have spent years developing the very best system of external plumbing connections you will find in the UK

Using Designer Isolating valves

You will struggle to find a UK company that know as much as us about designer Isolating valves and how to install them. We offer a quality installation that is often referred to as a six-star Hotel fit and surpasses all our competition.

With great success developing easy to clean and easy to isolate plumbing outlet solutions for bathrooms, we are now doing the same for Kitchens. Think about that crazy mess of pipes under your kitchen sink with ruff holes drilled through your units or no back panel and inaccessible areas to clean. We intend to change that and are actively developing a solution.

When developing new solutions like this, we welcome participation from our customers and the public. At the bottom of this page is a comment area please get involved and let us know what you think.

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A Focus on the designer isolating valves we use for our bathroom installations

Not easy to install you need to be accurate at every step of the way,