Choosing Brassware

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Choosing Brassware

Choosing brassware can be a minefield, there are a lot of poor quality products out there being sold for only a bit less than the good quality stuff.


The good brands

Axor Hansgrohe: Hansgrohe SE is a German sanitary fittings manufacturer. It was founded by Hans Grohe in 1901, in Schiltach, Germany. Hansgrohe one of the world’s largest shower head and hand-held shower attachment supplier, followed by competitors such as Grohe and ROHL

Crosswater: This is one of my favorite brands for everything brassware.
Leaders in bathroom design, Crosswater Holdings has been welcomed by the specialist bathroom retailer market since it was established in 1998. Excelling with a vast, exciting and innovative product range has led us to become one of the most pioneering companies in the UK with three distinctive and prevailing brands: Crosswater, Simpsons and Bauhaus.

It’s worth noting their other brands Simpsons and Bauhaus. There is some amazing furniture in the Bauhaus range and quality shower enclosures in the Simpsons bathroom range.

Grohe: A leading competitor of the others but products can vary in quality. Originally a German company. Grohe has six production sites, with locations in Portugal, Thailand, and Mexico, along with three in Germany. GROHE was taken over by the LIXIL Group and the Development Bank of Japan in January 2014.

There is little doubt you will find the best prices on-line are one of my preferred suppliers, with possibly the best prices on the internet, they are high end but very careful about the quality of what they stock.

A lot of online retailers will mix good quality products with cheap low-quality items. The High-quality products can be a good price so it is worth looking, they make their money by inflating the price of the low-quality items and putting them next to the good stuff. This is why it’s important to know something about the manufacturer of what you are buying. Wikipedia is a great tool for this.

If you don’t want to buy online Plumb Center have a good showroom in Luton

Ultimate Bathroom Design in Dunstable is well worth a look

I’m always happy to spend time with a customer when it comes to purchasing products for their new bathroom, normally this involves quite a few emails and 1 to 2 meets.


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